About Dr. Waldman

I'm Ready To Help You!

Dr. Waldman enjoys athletics. He participated in athletics in his youth playing football, wrestling, and competitive bodybuilding. While his competitive days have decreased he enjoys helping others perform on and off the field of play. He has helped many individuals recover from existing injuries and enhance their athletic performance.

He has dedicated his study and practice over the course of his career towards the treatment of the "whole person". Early on Dr. Waldman learned that most disease, illnesses and injuries are due to "stress" of one kind or another. Dr. Waldman set his goals forth to learn everything he could about what stresses the body in the environment around us and continues to learn from his mentors that are leaders in their respective fields. These leaders come from all areas of study including: chiropractic, medicine, acupuncture and nutrition.

He has put together tools to evaluate and help treat individuals who suffer from a myriad of conditions. He utilizes chiropractic, specific nutritional supplements and lifestyle modifications that are unique to the individual and their concerns.